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Despite all the attention these last few month’s focusing on the Presidential election and the upcoming open enrollment season – activity continues around a number of large insurance carrier mergers.

As background, Cigna has agreed to be acquired by Anthem Inc. and Aetna is in the process of acquiring Humana.  Both transactions are currently being blocked by the U.S. Justice Department who has filed suit this past summer on antitrust grounds.  Once the lawsuits were filed, all 4 carriers began to aggressively pursue ways to complete these transactions.

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In November, Coloradans will vote on Amendment 69, also known as ColoradoCare. This amendment would eliminate private health insurance coverage and mandate the state to launch a sweeping, government-run health care program with:

  • An unfair tax burden on workers, families and businesses.
  • An unknown board of trustees in charge of your health, with little to no accountability.
  • $25 billion in new taxes the first year – double the state’s current budget.

Sound like a bad idea to you? It is. As a broker, your entire business is at risk. Colorado for Coloradans is a public-private coalition agrees, and is working to defeat Amendment 69.

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Election day is rapidly approaching bringing to a close one of the most unique Presidential elections in history.  As we get closer to November 8th, many are looking at what either a Clinton or Trump Presidency might look like relative to its impact on the Healthcare Industry. 

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