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With 2 months to go before the next Affordable Care Act (ACA) open enrollment period begins, insurance carriers continue to experience significant losses and are seeking double digit rate increases across the board.  But that’s the good news.  Things just got worse.  

Aetna is the latest national carrier to scale back their exchange offerings.  Beginning in 2017 they will only operate in 4 states – exiting from 15 current states with more than 800,000 consumers being impacted.  But Aetna wasn’t the first major carrier to scale back – and probably won’t be the last.  Just this week, Oscar Insurance announced they will exit both the New Jersey and Dallas/Fort Worth markets.

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The Amendment 69 ballot question facing Colorado voters in November is inspiring many political and business leaders to voice criticism of the plan.

The controversial amendment proposes a huge new tax burden on workers, families and businesses, cancels all private health insurance plans in the state and would create a new bureaucracy to control and manage the health matters for all Coloradans. This could be a devastating blow to your book of business.

It’s no wonder individuals and groups are mobilizing to defeat Amendment 69.

Here’s a look at a few of the strongest and most thoughtful arguments against this risky, controversial plan from the opinion and editorial sections of traditional media outlets, as well as blogs and other sources.

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With both political conventions concluded, many experts were surprised that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) appeared to be mostly an afterthought and was rarely brought up in any of the major prime time speeches.  Are Americans satisfied with their ACA experiences are or are they growing tired of complaining about it?

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